18th Century · Mrs. Ann Bamford

Silky Smooth 18th Century Cloak

The Ann Bamford Inventory saga continues! In this chapter: White silk cloaks. Mrs. Bamford seems to have had an affinity for cloaks in general, there are nine of them in her inventory, and three of them are of white silk. Why? I haven't a clue. Perhaps they were fashionable when and where she lived? Perhaps… Continue reading Silky Smooth 18th Century Cloak

1880s · Tutorial · Underwear

Does my bum look big in this?

So, once upon I time I was signed up for a steampunk larp. Steampunk is kind of retro-scifi. Can you imagine how people used to think the future would be 150 years ago? Yup, that's steampunk. Sort of. Now, the larp was cancelled, but I still got to enjoy some period appropriate shaping underwear! The… Continue reading Does my bum look big in this?

18th Century · Tutorial · Underwear


This is not an exaggeration! Have you ever wanted a really large and nice skirt that took little time to make, that was adjustable, and that looked really fancy? LOOK NO FURTHER. 18th century petticoats, my darlings. I made two, in one evening, sewing by hand. How, you ask? Why, the secret is simple, flat… Continue reading THE MOST USEFUL SKIRT PATTERN YOU WILL EVER FIND!