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Bow-Chicka-Brown Gown!

The inventory of Mrs. Ann Bamford includes lots of "night gowns". I think I've counted seven, most made from cotton or muslin, but some made up of fancy silk fabrics. The 18th century night gown was not a garment to sleep in, but closer to what we might call an evening gown. However, there is… Continue reading Bow-Chicka-Brown Gown!

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On slashes and feathers and being hella cute

I haven't had much time for sewing this week, sadly. We opened up a new exhibiton at work yesterday, about the Spanish Influenza, the flu pandemic which killed more people than the First World War 100 years ago. Late evenings translating texts and building exhibitons meant little time and energy for making stuff when I… Continue reading On slashes and feathers and being hella cute