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Bow-Chicka-Brown Gown!

The inventory of Mrs. Ann Bamford includes lots of "night gowns". I think I've counted seven, most made from cotton or muslin, but some made up of fancy silk fabrics. The 18th century night gown was not a garment to sleep in, but closer to what we might call an evening gown. However, there is… Continue reading Bow-Chicka-Brown Gown!

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Does my bum look big in this?

So, once upon I time I was signed up for a steampunk larp. Steampunk is kind of retro-scifi. Can you imagine how people used to think the future would be 150 years ago? Yup, that's steampunk. Sort of. Now, the larp was cancelled, but I still got to enjoy some period appropriate shaping underwear! The… Continue reading Does my bum look big in this?

18th Century · Tutorial · Underwear


This is not an exaggeration! Have you ever wanted a really large and nice skirt that took little time to make, that was adjustable, and that looked really fancy? LOOK NO FURTHER. 18th century petticoats, my darlings. I made two, in one evening, sewing by hand. How, you ask? Why, the secret is simple, flat… Continue reading THE MOST USEFUL SKIRT PATTERN YOU WILL EVER FIND!