18th Century · Mrs. Ann Bamford

Silky Smooth 18th Century Cloak

The Ann Bamford Inventory saga continues! In this chapter: White silk cloaks. Mrs. Bamford seems to have had an affinity for cloaks in general, there are nine of them in her inventory, and three of them are of white silk. Why? I haven't a clue. Perhaps they were fashionable when and where she lived? Perhaps… Continue reading Silky Smooth 18th Century Cloak

18th Century · Mrs. Ann Bamford

Words – and why they’re hard…

The inventory of Mrs. Ann Bamford lists "A Black Bombazine Negligee and Pettycoat", and being naive and eager, I decided that this would be a nice spring project for me to fiddle with inbetween exams and applying for jobs. Famous last words... Do you know what a negligee is? I mean, when I hear the… Continue reading Words – and why they’re hard…

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Smitten with Mitten(s)!

Don't you just love 18th century mittens? They are so beautiful and cute! I've done a bit of filming in cold weather, and I really, really needed something to keep my hands and underarms warm. Good think Mrs. Ann Bamford's inventory included 3 pairs of mittens! The Metropolitan Museum, Accession number C.I.44.8.9a,b These are the… Continue reading Smitten with Mitten(s)!