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Stocking up!

I’ve made stockings! It was so much fun, I made two pairs! I would probably have made three, if I hadn’t spent a lot of fabric and time finding out how to make them fit me. I used the pattern and tutorial here (that blog is awesome by the way! I love it!), and the results are as follows:

Skjermbilde 2015-03-02 kl. 18.38.03

Skjermbilde 2015-03-02 kl. 18.38.29

I am so very pleased! They aren’t perfect, but that won’t show once I’ve got my shoes on.

The Dreamstress, who has made the pattern, have slimmer legs than me, however the pattern is very easy to enlarge, you just move it a little furter from the fold. I did not include the elastic at the top, I will keep them in place with garters.

4 thoughts on “Stocking up!

  1. Fantastic! So pleased to see these made up, and so pleased they worked for you! I am working on a version that has more accurate seaming for the 18th century, but they are going to be harder to make, and will wear out faster.

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