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Bow-Chicka-Brown Gown!

The inventory of Mrs. Ann Bamford includes lots of "night gowns". I think I've counted seven, most made from cotton or muslin, but some made up of fancy silk fabrics. The 18th century night gown was not a garment to sleep in, but closer to what we might call an evening gown. However, there is… Continue reading Bow-Chicka-Brown Gown!

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Words – and why they’re hard…

The inventory of Mrs. Ann Bamford lists "A Black Bombazine Negligee and Pettycoat", and being naive and eager, I decided that this would be a nice spring project for me to fiddle with inbetween exams and applying for jobs. Famous last words... Do you know what a negligee is? I mean, when I hear the… Continue reading Words – and why they’re hard…

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Smitten with Mitten(s)!

Don't you just love 18th century mittens? They are so beautiful and cute! I've done a bit of filming in cold weather, and I really, really needed something to keep my hands and underarms warm. Good think Mrs. Ann Bamford's inventory included 3 pairs of mittens! The Metropolitan Museum, Accession number C.I.44.8.9a,b These are the… Continue reading Smitten with Mitten(s)!