18th Century · Mrs. Ann Bamford

Do you have the stomach(er) for it?! Part 2

Ready for another one? Let’s go!

The “White Satin Stummager” does not specify fabric, but I guess it’s fair to assume she would have used something nice, like silk.

I made a white silk taffeta petticoat not long ago, and I’d love for this stomacher to match that. The problem is that this petticoat is a little greyer than the white satin I was planning to use. I made a white cotton satin petticoat last year, and was planning on making this stomacher from the same satin, but I didn’t know how to combine the two fabrics.

And then I found this! (pictures taken from the sites of Ridsmuseum and Manchester Art Gallery)

Aren’t they nice? I decided to go for a similar design, using the white satin as a base and the taffeta as trim.

I folded the seam allowances in on the taffeta and stitched it to the satin with the tiniest appliqué stitches I could manage.

I repeated the success from the green stomacher, made my own buckram and basted it to a linen lining. I stitched the white (now trimmed) satin to the linen like I did with the green one. I also attached some ribbons to the back.

Although this stomacher is already kind of trimmed, I still wanted to give something extra. I had a few Pearl buttons laying in my stash, so I decided to use them. The 18th century is all about the bling, after all!

And with that, we’re done! It took me 2 hours and 30 minutes, and cost me absolutely nothing! Great stash busting and a fun little summer project.

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